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PRIDE 2019

PRIDE 2019

In flamboyantly florescent fashion, the iTunes desktop interface showcases the word ‘PRIDE’. The simple yet powerful words are followed up with a smaller caption that simply reminds the reader that it’s been fifty years since Stonewall. As a public indication for the celebration of Pride 2019, this serves as a sign that it’s a new day.

The Stonewall riots represented an explosion from a group of people who have been marginalized, attacked and discriminated against based on who they love. In 1969, the Stonewall riots served as the major catalyst that sent shockwaves around the world. It started a movement of pride, solidarity and a call for respect for those within the LGBTQIA community. Around the world, June is recognized as Pride month. The official National Pride Day tends to shift, but it’s usually the last Sunday of the month as the Stonewall riots took place on the last weekend of the month.

In order to heighten one’s sexual awareness, there needs to be an understanding and appreciation for sexual diversity. In order to raise children who feel safe, regardless of their sexual proclivity, the world needs to stop and recognize relationships and couples of all kinds. In a culture where heterosexuality has always been the norm, it has been a shift for millions to grapple with. The concept of “coming out” is still a difficult decision for many to face because they fear the judgment, scrutiny and backlash that can potentially come along with this type of revelation.

Even though the world has come a long way since Stonewall, there’s still a lot of work to do. There are Pride 2019 celebrations that happen all over the world. There are plenty of people who are having important conversations surrounding education awareness, sexual diversity on public platforms and through private forums. However, there are still a lot of people who struggle with accepting the diversity of couples that aren’t heterosexual.

Within pop culture and the media, there is more programming that educates those on the experiences of those within the LGBT community. Programs that promote intentionally thoughtful dialogue around sex, sexual health and education awareness are vital. Additionally, the understanding of relationships in many forms and the ability to respect others are important components of the global conversation surrounding the LGBT community.

Social media has also been an incredible force to encourage the unity and acceptance of those within the LGBT community. When a celebrity speaks out from a place of ignorance, it is quickly called out through the powers of social media. Platforms like Twitter and YouTube are where there is an ongoing dialogue surrounding sex and specific topics such as sexual health, sexual awareness and sexual diversity.

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