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As the temperature rises outside, it’s time to get ready for weeks of minimal clothing, fun vacations and intimidating date night moments with your partner. Just as the seasons change, women go through many seasons of their own. Whether you’ve gone through an emotionally debilitating loss of a loved one or you’re in the trenches of no sleep with a newborn, there are many reasons why women tend to struggle to find our sexual confidence again. Whether you had it and lost it or have never owned to begin with, know that you can have a different experience. When you’re intentional in these six areas, you can increase your sexual confidence and discover a brand-new feminine goddess within yourself.

1. Notice your energy.
There are times when a couple might want to enjoy a few minutes of sex before bedtime. Then, there are those weekend adventures that involve multiple sessions that are lengthier in nature. However, in order to have sex, you need to have the energy. If you tend to find yourself saying that you’re too tired to have sex, you might want to take a deeper look at why. Take a look at your schedule to consider whether you need to delegate a few tasks to other people. Notice how much rest you’re actually getting each night. It might be time to monitor your sleep regimen. The fatigue might be a result of a hormonal imbalance. It might be time to take a multi-vitamin or supplement that can help boost your energy.

2. Communicate with your partner.
With any relationship, communication is paramount. However, if you really look at the dynamics of a marriage or a romantic partnership, communication really fuels everything else. This is why it’s important to never assume. In fact, it might be best to over-communicate what you want to express. When you’re able to maintain a clear, open dialogue with your partner, you two will have a better chance of being on the same page. When you’re able to be open and honest with one another, this can translate to positivity in the bedroom. Sometimes, there are pent-up emotions that you two have never dealt with. If you think that doesn’t manifest in the bedroom, you’re sadly mistaken. Whether your relationship is in a rocky place or a good place, it’s always helpful to sit down with a counselor to work through different emotions. Communication is the key to intimacy. When you two are committed to communicating with each other without judgment or pretense, this can help you increase your confidence in the bedroom, in your relationship and in life. For women, life is a lot like spaghetti. Everything is intertwined. This is why a woman can see her husband doing the dishes and get turned on. It’s a basic chore, but what it represents is what makes a woman swoon.

3. Nutrition is key.
Hippocrates is famously quoted with the wise saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In addition to eating foods that will support a healthy body, you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrated. While you’ll want to eat lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and grains, begin to intentionally incorporate foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. They’re called aphrodisiacs for a reason. With your breakfast, enjoy a latte made with maca root powder. Add some texture to your salad by topping it with pistachio nuts. Enjoy some steamed asparagus along with salmon for dinner. For a lovely date night at home, pop a bottle of champagne for an additional aphrodisiac. As these foods help you get in the mood, you’re more likely to feel more feisty.

4. Consume new material.

Read steamy material that teaches you more about how to try different positions and become more experimentative in the bedroom. Education is one of the most empowering assets a woman can gain. When you know more about a particular subject, you tend to be more confident about expressing it. There are so many amazing YouTube videos that teach more about different sex toys, tools and resources. As you learn more about different tools and experiences to try, talk to your partner regarding how you can explore these tools together. As you experiment, you’ll be able to have fun, laugh and enjoy each other on a different level. Plus, the more positivity and fun-filled experiences you can have, the more you’ll feel happy, confident and sexually satisfied.

5. Plan a vacation.
Whether you’re dealing with your mental health or your physical health, a sabbatical is paramount. This is why it’s important to plan times where you two can get away from regular life to connect with one another. If you can plan a weekend getaway once a quarter, this allows you two to get a chance to reset, recharge and connect. Never underestimate the power of a relaxing couples’ vacation.

6. Partake in consistent grooming.
One of the reasons why couples get bored is because they allow themselves to get stuck in a rut. To boost overall wellness, you’ll need to take a closer look at your grooming habits. If you don’t get pedicures and massages, it’s time to start setting aside some money to partake in grooming habits that will make you feel more feminine and sexually appealing. When you don’t feel beautiful, this will translate in the way you carry yourself. If you’ve never tried a waxing session, consider trying something new. Start going to the gym to get the endorphins going. As you work up a sweat and get into better shape, you’ll begin to feel more confident in your body. Consistent grooming habits are important parts of a good health and wellness regimen.

As you work on implementing these various tips, know that you might not have a euphoric experience overnight. Building sexual confidence takes time. However, embrace the process for what it is. When you can have a healthy and exciting sex life, this can impact your life in a physical, emotional and spiritual way that’s both satisfying and empowering. Even as you develop an open dialogue with your partner, this can lead to closer intimacy between you two. The strongest couples tend to go through the things that are supposed to tear them apart and find ways to build a stronger relationship with one another. Intimacy is essential in a relationship so this is why it’s important to focus, commit to the work and enjoy the ride.

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