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When you're in a relationship, it's not uncommon for sparks to fly at the beginning. Most couples enjoy the novelty of the relationship. You two are in a lustful state of mind. You crave each other, and life is filled with passionate love-making sessions. However, as the honeymoon phase wears off, it's easy for many couples to get stuck in a rut. They go from enjoying physical intimacy on a daily basis to enjoying sessions once or twice a week. If stressful situations or feelings of discontentment and anger enter the relationship, physical intimacy can become non-existent. While there are plenty of important factors to consider for a healthy relationship, a great sex life is a major part of the equation. While sexual intimacy won't keep a couple together, it truly is a very important part of the relationship. This is why a product like Sassy Box is such an incredible resource.

Excitement & Spontaneity
When you're able to add an interesting element into the bedroom, it provides a sense of curiosity and interest. Whether you two are installing a new swing or taking a look at a flavored lubricant, there's always a sense of curiosity with the unknown. If you two try it out and hate it, you can always laugh about it. After all, you two are experimenting with different sensations and products that potentially work. However, if you try a new toy and love it, this is a new addition to your sexual arsenal that can be used for many more sessions in the future. When couples get bored in the bedroom, this can lead to a lack of creativity in other aspects of their lives

Health Benefits
When you're looking to improve the quality of your intimate experiences, you want to consider the health aspect. For some people, health is a top priority in their lives. When you look at the health benefits of a vibrant sexual intimacy, it'll be a lot easier to explore the inner workings of a toy you receive in the mail or sign up for a fun subscription service. When a person is enjoying a lot of physical intimacy with their partner, studies suggest that they're less likely to get the flu or cold. This is because sexual intimacy encourages a stronger immune system. One of the reasons why so many people love a good workout is because of the rush of endorphins. That endorphin rush happens after a session in the sheets. The endorphin rush also leads to reduced pain. Since sexual intimacy is considered a form of physical activity, couples can easily burn up to 200 calories within a 30-minute session. This is amazing for anyone looking to burn more calories without running on the treadmill. The delivery service makes it more interesting to maintain a healthy body while maintaining physical intimacy with a partner.

While social media can be a really amazing component to help with marketing and brand-building, it can also be a great way to feel disconnected and lonely. Studies suggest that a lot of young people are becoming less likely to get married because of a lack of social and interpersonal skills. As people become more averted to connecting, they're less likely to become vulnerable. While there are groups and forums that cater to connecting people with one another based on interest and culture, social media can truly breed a sense of disconnectedness. If you're not intentional about your social life, it can be easy to scroll and watch other people live their own. This is an unhealthy way for anyone to live. Whether you're a single person or someone in a relationship, a Sassy Box can stir up curiosity and encourage you to get out there and find someone worth connecting with.

Sexual intimacy is a very vulnerable experience. Plus, loneliness is not ideal for anyone. When people discover Sassy Box, it can help you connect with your partner, this can encourage a sense of fun and lightheartedness into a relationship. It can teach couples that they don't need to take themselves so seriously. It can also help people recognize the benefits of intimacy within a relationship. There's a special experience people can have when they play with a random sex toy or try a new position with one another. Sure, the vulnerability can be nerve-wracking at first. However, with time, it can encourage the connectedness that so many people crave. With that understanding, there's something really special and sweet about maintaining such a fun and naughty secret between each other.

The Importance of Researching the Product
Whether it's a new toy or an interesting role-playing device, do your research to learn more about the product. If anyone has done any reviews on the product you're about to try, check out what they had to say about it. If you're looking at one of the boxes with total confusion, that's okay. This is where you can read the directions, look at different tutorials and have fun with the learning process. You might find that people loved a specific product and would highly recommend it to others. You might find people who are completely averse to a product. Either way, don't let the opinions sway you from trying new sex toys. Your experience with your partner is for the two of you to customize and enjoy. You might even find new ways to use a particular product. 

Prioritizing, Trying and Experimenting
Once you're ready to get started, try the products out. Make it an experience with your partner. It can be a part of a scheduled date night. Don't be afraid or ashamed about scheduling sexual intimacy and experiences with your partner. After all, if you're both living busy lives, you'll have to prioritize the relationship. Tons of women are climbing the corporate ladder, running businesses and enjoying the working world outside of the home. Unfortunately, there are many working women who prioritize their careers over anything else. For women who desire wellness in all aspects of life, it's essential to prioritize accordingly. When you're able to begin the experimenting, the novelty of intimacy will increase. You might find that it becomes more enticing to enter the bedroom to enjoy a great time. If a specific product doesn't work out the first time, it's okay to give it a second or third try before getting rid of it. Embrace the feelings of uncertainty and curiosity.

For many people, a conversation surrounding sexual intimacy can be such a taboo topic. However, it's important to take the stigma away. While it's okay to cover certain topics as discreetly as possible, always be mindful of your audience. It's best for everyone to understand that when they're practicing safe sexual intercourse, they have free reign to enjoy a plethora of fantasies. While it's fun to share these types of stories at the bridal shower, don't let it start there. If more ladies looked at sexual intimacy as a vital part of wellness within marriage, many of them might have a different approach to physical intimacy. While there are tons of people who love to enjoy sexual intercourse, there are many ladies who truly dread the thought of being intimate with their partners. While this might involve counseling or a mindset shift, it's possible for couples to be equally engaged in the fun that happens in between the sheets.

As an adult, you have the opportunity to inspire another adult men and women to commit to their intimate life with their partner in a way that adds spark and novelty to the relationship.
Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship can be hard on its own. With the goal of maintaining a long-lasting relationship, you and your partner will have to intentionally work at it. By focusing on the key components of a partnership (including sexual intimacy), it'll be a lot easier to maintain a healthy bond. Don't underestimate or trivialize the power of a healthy sex life. By using a service like this one, a couple will be able to experience the benefits of intentional intimacy that leads to closeness in and out of the bedroom.

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