Three Steps to Orally Pleasing Your Partner

by Sassy Box 2 min read

Oral sex is a part of most sexual experiences people have with their partners. If you and your partner are practicing safe sexual health and know that you both are free of STIs (sexually transmitted infections), consider the following tips to make oral sex as pleasurable as possible.

1. Taste
You might feel insecure about how you'll taste to your partner. You might feel concerned about whether you should spit or swallow. One of the best ways to alleviate that concern is by adding the right foods to your diet. Pineapples, celery and papayas are a few great options to explore.

2. Tongue vs. Teeth
Don't use your teeth when you're trying to please your partner. When in doubt, always use your tongue. On a man, use the tongue to go up and down the length of the shaft. On a woman, use the tongue to apply a range of pressure on the clitoris.

3. Tools & Toys
It's not uncommon for couples to get stuck in a rut. Spice the romance and intimacy up by getting a subscription box to get a variety of sex toys, lubricants and more. In addition to using sex toys from a subscription box, try tools like tutorials and hand techniques to make the experience more euphoric, sexual and sensual.

Sexual experiences between couples can be such vulnerable and incredible ones to explore. As you two learn what each other likes, it'll become a lot easier to provide and receive oral pleasure in a way that's memorable and soul-stirring. As you two continue to promote the highest levels of sexual health with each other, have fun infusing the romance into your relationship with these three tips. 

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