Start Earning Rewards. It's Easy:

Create your account and start earning rewards with every purchase!

How It Works
For every dollar spent equals 1 point earned.
      50 points earned =   5% off your order
    100 points earned = 10% off your order
    150 points earned = 15% off your order

    Additional ways to earn points 

  • Leave a review = 150 points
  • Subscribe to newsletter = 50 points
  • Complete profile = 50 points
  • Refer a friend = 50 points

    We make it easy,  and start earning points with every order when logged into your account.  

    When will my points show up in my account?

    Your points show up in your account immediately after your purchases have been successfully processed. 

    Do my points expire? 

    No, your points never expire.

    What do I get for redeeming my points?

    You can redeem your points for upcoming purchases.

    How do I redeem my points?

    At checkout you will be prompted to use your points. You can always check your account ahead of time to see your available points.

    Do I earn points for transactions when I am also spending points?

    YES! If you are spending points, you will also earn points based on the price of the items in your cart before taxes and shipping. 

    How can I check my rewards balance?  

     to your member account to see your available rewards balance. 

    A member can view his or her account activity online by logging into themember portal for information about an individual account. A member can also questions and/or further information. 

    A member may cancel his or her Membership at any time by notifying Sassy Box by email,  Sassy Box, in its sole discretion reserves the right to cancel an individual Membership at any time.

    Privacy Policy: The information provided by the member will be handled according to the Sassy Box’s Privacy Policy. If a member is interested in learning more about the privacy practices, please visit ourprivacy policy page.

    How do I know when I have a special offer available?

    We will keep you updated via email on any special offers, deals, and contests that are available. So keep an eye out for our email updates.

    Can I still receive free shipping if I spend points?

    Yes. Free shipping still applies to orders having a total of $59.00 or more after discounts have been applied.


    Termination of or Change in points

    Sassy Box may terminate the rewards program at any time, with or without notice, resulting in loss of rewards and the cancellation of all benefits.  Rewards are not your property and may be revoked, canceled, limited, or modified at any time. Sassy Box reserves the right to delete or change any of the rules, terms, conditions, and benefits of the program at its sole discretion, with or without notice.


    About your account or any other rewards related information, please contact customer service at