Five amazing female-focused-formulas! The MOOD Pleasure for Her multi-pack features a flavorful Berry Nipple Lickems Gel, an invigorating Stimulating Clit Gel, succulent Watermelon Body Drops, G-spot Sensitizing Gel, and a Vaginal Tightening Potion. Sugar-free and Proudly Made in America, each potion comes in a chic 1oz. bottle!

Five Sensational Formulas For Her
- Nipple Lickems: Berry Gel
- Clit Gel: Stimulating
- Body Drops: Watermelon Gel
- G-spot Gel: Sensitizing
- Tighten Gel: Vaginal Tightening
- Sugar-free
- Proudly Made in America
- Five 1 oz. Bottles

Mood Pleasure For Her Enhancement Gels 1oz (5 Per Kit)

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